Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May 6: Bondigate ...

“I’ll knock you’re bloody block off”, came the angry cry
As James arrived back at home and saw Channel Nine nearby
David Gyngell sat there waiting, his dress a total failure
He shouted to his friend, “I didn’t know you were in Australia”

James was so bloody angry, he was going to pop a vein
So he and David went the biff, neither inflicted any pain
Gyngell fared much better, if the news is to be believed
Packer has a flash black eye, and was looking quite aggrieved

If it wasn’t so very serious, we’d be rolling on the floor
James might have some business skills, but as a pugilist he’s poor
There was some speculation, as the two stood toe to toe
With a missing toot and a bruised ego, James didn’t land a blow

The photos they brought two hundred grand, quite a pretty penny
Splashed across the media, much amusement for so many
But David he has copped the blame, as the police investigate
And we wait for the next chapter, in this thing called “Bondigate"

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