Sunday, 18 May 2014

May 18: One rhyme behind ...

I am one rhyme behind, it is all in my mind, I just need to put it on paper
I’m stuck here in court with not a thought, for this marathon poetic caper
But it won’t be long, and I’ll think of a song, and a rhyme will come to my head
And I’ll write it down quick, while the lyrics they stick, and I can recall what I’ve said

From deep in my mind, mythoughts I rewind, the words come from what’s happened to me
And while my daily events are rarely intense, in them there’s some fun I can see
It’s coming back now, as I furrow my brow, and work hard to maintain rhythmic flow
Cause if I cannot get that, my words they fall flat, and into the trash it will go

I have reached the conclusion that life’s an illusion, one that is gone way too soon
We should try to do more, life should not be a chore, have you been up in a hot air balloon
But still here we wait, to learn of my fate, always wondering what is next to arrive
Let’s not spend it waiting, enthusiasm deflating, let’s not the fun in our lives be deprived

Not enough hours in the day, I’ve heard people say, but others hold alternate views
If you can’t hit the spot in the time that you’ve got, then just wind back what it is that you do
Prioritise, do first the tasks you despise, and then you can enjoy the treasure
Of doing those things that makes your heart want to sing, you know life’s not an infinite pleasure

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