Friday, 2 May 2014

May 2: Mandatory sentencing ...

Our jury came back, at just after three
Their finding of guilty was pleasing for me
Out team’s hard work was a pleasure to see
Half a decade he will spend in a jail

A mandatory minimum he faces this time
The second occasion he’s committed this crime
When he gets back to his village he’ll be out of his prime
Just another poor middle aged male

The lies that he told, they did not hold water
He did not tell the truth, but I think that he oughta
When the Navy turned up, it was lambs to the slaughter
His plan to come here it did fail

On the fourth of July, he’ll be given five years
Don’t come to our country and tell lies about fears
It’s too late for contrition, it’s too late for tears
He made the choice to set sail

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