Saturday, 31 May 2014

May 31: GST me ...

I added up the figures and divided by eleven
When I saw the bottom line, I thought I was in heaven
The tax man he won’t get me, at least not this time
The other ten elevenths, that my friend, is mine

I’m wondering how he works it, I don’t really have a clue
So I hired an accountant, to do what I can’t do
She takes all the figures, then messes them around
And hopefully I pay less, a deduction she has found

We all hate paying taxes, but understand they must be paid
If everybody did their bit, I wouldn't go on this tirade
Far too many bludgers, rich men don't pay their share
They make a million dollars, and then hide it everywhere

There really should be a law, which forces them to pay
It really isn’t equitable, for them to tuck it all away
Apple, Google, Amazon, they are cheating all of us
They ship their profits somewhere else, leaving me to cuss

There’s hundreds of organisations, that are just having a laugh
Minimising taxes, as they drink from their carafe
Making money at a rate of knots, but not paying their fair share
They really need to change the law, so cheaters should beware

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