Friday, 23 May 2014

May 23: The first bloke speaks ...

To me it sounds so grubby, Mr. Gillard has weighed in
Sorry, I meant Tim Mathieson, but I said it with a grin
He’s shot one at Margie Abbott for not doing enough work
For charity, but give me strength, he sounds like such a jerk

A hairdresser from Shepparton, played his role while she did rule
Got appointed to do charity, a role he thought was cool
Just who the bloody hell does he think he is
A scissor wielding idiot, who’s now taking the piss

He sold real estate in Melbourne, til he got a plum position
Then got his abilities seriously confused with his next ambition
His one-eyed Labor muck throwing, it does him little credit
And his Wikipedia page he should visit, and give it a good edit

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