Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May 28: There's a gum tree by a river ...

There’s a gum tree by a river, on the bank it claims its place
Part of our Aussie landscape, it puts a smile upon my face
The river bends and twists, through the land it cuts its path
The outback can be deadly, with no forgiveness from its wrath

While the sun bleaches the sand to white, the waves creep up the beach
Surfers collect the free ride in, the best waves out of reach
Lifeguards laze and watch the view, from their positions way up high
Watching all the bronzed-up girls, as they muse slowly by

Me, I leave my morning train and set forth for some more
Coffee and toast well balanced, I push against the door
Emails, letters, briefs and forms, is this what it has become
How I’d love to be in the outback, or on a beach sat on my bum

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