Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 14: More budget blues ...

Well, when I said it was a promise, I really wasn't fibbing
But a promise is not a promise, if I gave it while ad libbing
I was speaking to you off the cuff, I really didn’t know
That when we followed Labor, how deep the hole would go

No new taxes I did tell you, and I’ve stuck by that intent
This debt tax is not something that my party did invent
There’s been debt taxes in our history, just called a different thing
But I need to find some money so the coffers go “ka-ching”

I’ve been in this job a while now, I’m not ready for a fall
And I know you won’t believe me, but I’m really standing tall
Every week I bank my paycheck, I never spend a cent
All my meals and and all my travel, on your tab those funds are spent

We need tough financial planning, young Joe his budget sings
Not one economic qualification, but that doesn’t mean a thing
He simply crunches numbers, then makes those numbers fit
And if you folk don’t like it, I couldn't give a shit

In two years you'll have forgotten, how we screwed you over good
Like a true blue politician, I did everything I could
To make you think I’m worried, to make you think I care
But when I'm not a politician, care less I won't what’s there

Because I will have my pension, so special it is to me
And all my perks as an ex-PM, each renewed annually
And I shall live in comfort, because money it's not an issue
And the best that I can do for you is to pass another tissue

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