Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May 20: Little Johnny ...

As I sat at my table, contemplating my life, I stared into the eyes of my wonderful wife
But the moment was spoiled by an ear-piercing wail, so give me a moment and I’ll tell you a tale
We'd sat down together, we’d ordered our food, some eggs and some toast, would be good for my mood
T’was a lazy old Sunday in a small country town, and though not much could faze me, what came next brought a frown

Little Johnny was sat with his sister Louise, on a couch in that café, doing just as he pleased
He prodded and poked her til she gave him a smack, seemed Johnny could dish it, but could not take it back
Louise she let go with a full-blooded whack, which little Johnny deserved just for being so slack
But the noise he emitted, I’ve rarely heard worse, and my whole bloody mood took a turn for the worse

See Johnny had parents, yep, he had two, who just sat reading the paper, not a thing did they do
As Louise she defended the last of her cake, as Johnny he screamed like he’d been bit by a snake
Everyone in that place turned to look at the source, of the deafening noise, but there was no recourse
Had it come from an adult, I'd have had plenty to say, but noise from a child, is permitted these days

The parents sat still, all silent and mute, and while Johnny he screamed, Louise looked so cute
Johnny screamed and he wailed and he huffed and he puffed, and I knew for sure my hearing was stuffed
Where is McDonalds, I lamented out loud, they could put up with this rebelious crowd
But alas no relief as I finished my food, I could have objected, but they'd have thought me just rude

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