Saturday, 3 May 2014

May 3: A day ride to Echuca

I saddled up my Goldwing, and got on for the ride
I was supposed to start out Thursday, so I left at ten past five
Headed for Echuca, a nice place settled on the Murray
I had all day to get there so I wasn’t in a hurry

As I hit the freeway, the rain came tumbling down
So I twisted up the throttle, and headed out of town
As we headed down the Hume, the temperature it dropped
So I put on another layer, my trip would not be stopped

I needed motion potion, so in Yass I filled her up
Paid more than fifteen dollars for a burger and a cup
Of something they called coffee, but I'm really not quite sure
When I got back on the highway, more rain it did pour

There were moments when it rained so hard I couldn't see a thing
So I just turned up the volume and tried my best to sing
The Stones, the Waifs, Eric Church, and then some Moody Blues
My taste in music is eclectic, no-one knows what I might choose

I stopped again in Rutherglen, for petrol and a bite
Time was passing slowly, but I’d need a nap before the night
I hit the road for the last time, two hundred left to ride
Then a Highway Patrol bloke spotted me, there was nowhere to hide

I watched him in my mirror as he stopped and turned around
So I pulled over to the left, I knew my way he was bound
“Hello sir, how are you, how has your day been so far”
I told him it was pretty good, until he turned around his car

I pinged you doing eighty-nine, you’re in an eighty zone
Oh my goodness I did think, and let out a soft groan
I knew that he was probably right, I wasn’t looking close enough
But a ticket for just nine over, i thought that was pretty tough

I reached my destination; nine hours in the seat
Tonight we’re out for dinner, a beer fueled meet and greet
Tomorrow we’re on the Murray, in a boat moved by a paddle
On Monday I will ride back home, my bum back in the saddle

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