Monday, 12 May 2014

May 12: Stabbed in the back ...

I’ve started a new trial, and this one will bring a smile
If we can keep this nasty fellow behind bars
False friendship and betrayal, is the basis of this tale
And the stab wounds can be counted from the scars

A new car’s what I want, Alex told his mate up front
I’ve got some cash I'll put up for the price
So they took him to a place, and one man punched him in the face
And what the other did was just not very nice

As he tried to take the slack, he felt a blade go in his back
So many times eventually he lost count
By the time the two crooks fled, his body badly bled
As he drove off, his car the kerb did mount

By the time he reached BP, he was a sight to see
The console operator she rang triple O for aid
An ambulance came post haste, for more blood he could not waste
Lights and sirens for the hospital was made

They put him in intensive care, and he spent a week in there
Untill he was safely fit to return home
But the police had lots of leads, which they pursued at speed
And at the crime scene someone found his phone

There were bloodstains on the street, and fingerprints replete
In places that trapped the assailant in a snare
But in the police interview, the words he spoke were few
Denying almost everything without a care

“Off the record I will speak, but no recording can you keep
But I won’t lie to you, I’ll give it to you straight”
So it was off the record that they spoke, but his position he could not revoke
When he nodded to question, “Did you stab your mate”

So we’ve started off our trial, it won’t be a four-minute mile
I’ve got some work to do to win a guilty finding
He’s going to run his self defence, says a gun went over the fence
But I think the jury’s finding will be blinding

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