Saturday, 24 May 2014

May 24: Maccas, wot ...

I read your name on Facebook, so I typed you out a note
A messy mass of words in rhyme; you read what I wrote
You sent me back a missive, I tucked it in my coat
It took me quite by surprise, your request was so remote

Just the way you wrote it, it took me by surprise
I stared into your picture, into you deep brown eyes
I really didn’t understand, as I contemplated your demise
But I called into McDonalds and bought you some French fries

Why would you want a burger, at that time of the day
Seriously, tell me, what are you trying to say
Thick shakes, coffee, apple pies, could you put all that away
I could buy you all those treasures, but it will not be today

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