Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 17: The Roundabout Hotel, Gloucester ...

We rode the bike to Gloucester, to sing with Beccy Cole
When the sun dropped o’er the mountain, the day got mighty cold
At the Roundabout’s arena, we mixed it with the locals
While patiently we waited, for Bec to take the vocals

A well stocked bar and a barbeque kept the spirit flowing
But for those who started earlier their stamina was slowing
Some local bands with local talent sang through the afternoon
While we belted out the ones we knew, the sun became the moon

Then soon enough out she came, the teeth and that blonde hair
Her songs filled with compassion, with empathy and care
But balanced with her slapstick, she enthralled us with her humour
Confirming that new life choices were much more than a rumour

We sang along to country, our voices filled with energy and vigor
Bec sang about the Poster Girl, and her support of all our diggers
Then as quickly as she took the stage, her set was over and she’d gone
The bar and barbeque disappeared, and the crowd they had moved on

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