Monday, 5 May 2014

May 5: On the river ...

We took a restored steamboat, and rode it down the river
It really was quite brisk today, and the breeze it made me shiver
With the promise of lovely lunch, in a winery no less
A restaurant in its infancy, they would want to impress

We wandered down the bush land path, on to the dining room
The place looked so inviting, the vineyard in full bloom
We took our place at the long table, and the waitresses she attended
When the meals were distributed, they really looked quite splendid

The wine tasting was fantastic, their hospitality was so fine
I don’t have a local pub, if this were mine I wouldn't mind
An hour or so later, the boat returned to take us home
Back onto the river, where the wheels turned up the foam

A very pleasant day outdoors, friends, laughter and some fun
The food, the wine, the company, some strolling in the sun
All too soon the weekends gone, tomorrow we head back home
Jerilderie for morning tea, where the Kelly Gang did roam

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