Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May 27: Origin One ...

Origin, she’s on again, starts tomorrow night
Will the game be a bloody ripper, will Myles get in a fight
Will Cameron Smith bleat like a lamb, will Billy run amok
Or can the Blues take home the shield, in Queensland it’s been stuck

Will the two halves from the Bulldogs, keep JT and Cronk in check
Can the Hayne plane nullify GI, or will he leave him lying on the deck
Up there in the forwards, can Gallen lead them from the front
Or will Hodges, Tate and Parker annul the heavy brunt

Two former Raiders legends, both with a stable of thoroughbreds
But Mal’s got a team of champions, I could coach them on my head
When the sky turns dark and the lights come on, and theres a cold one in my hand
I’ll be screaming out for New South Wales, from my private lounge room stand

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