Thursday, 29 May 2014

May 29: David Harold Eastman ...

David Harold Eastman may soon be free from jail
In the nineteen years he’s been there, each appeal has failed
But now a judge from Darwin, thinks that there’s a chance
His latest cry for freedom, might just be his very last

In January 1989, in a street in leafy Deakin
A killer he was on the prowl, through the streets a’creeping
When a senior police Commissioner, arrived at home at last
He shot him at near point blank range, one single deadly blast

For six long years they searched, for a clue to catch the killer
Who had shot and killed a copper, of society a pillar
In 1995 they had their day, they led their case with force
But the defendant had a problem, he just couldn't stay on course

Counsel after counsel, he sacked each one in a rage
His rants and ravings taken down, recorded on every page
In the end there was no doubt, about his fundamental role
And Eastman he was sentenced, to life without parole

After just one more inquiry, one last search to find the truth
So many clever legal minds, so many super sleuths
Just might be a creeping doubt, Justice Martin seemed to see
I do think he’s guilty, but we might just have to set him free

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