Saturday, 10 May 2014

May 10: Cumberland Street blues ...

When I was so very much younger, I lived in a pub in the shade of the Bridge
For eighty dollars a fortnight, I got a bed, a TV and a fridge
Down the road there was a tall grey building, with fantastic views of our city
Housing for those with no money, but the building was not very pretty

It’s a wonder it’s lasted these decades, before it drew the eye of our Mayor
Who looked at the view of the harbour, and dreamed of a much higher payer
So she put out a media statement, that building will soon be demolished
Let's get the developers in there, and put up a structure more polished

Views of the harbour are costly; it’s a privilege to live by the sea
I won’t be living there ever, so what they decide is nothing to me
But now we see occupant anger, as their sense of entitlement rises
Living so nicely for decades, must have been one of Sydney‘s best prizes

Life is unfair, it’s not equal, as the wealthy would have us believe
The poor they rarely get spoiled, but this view the rich can’t conceive
Their own sense of importance is rising, let’s call in the developers soon
To build some magnificent mansions. The poor? They can live on the moon

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