Monday, 19 May 2014

May 19: My F6 six cylinder torque machine ...

As I started up her engine, the six pots they came to life
A rumbling sound filled the air, you could cut it with a knife
I let her starter button spring away, and the bike began to sing
After nearly three years in a box, it was a marvelous thing

I let her rumble for a minute, then gave the throttle a quick jerk
The cylinders they thundered, as they attended to their work
As she settled into monotone, those Cobras sounded sweet
As I listened to that wondrous sound, a sound that was replete

I swung my right leg over, put my rear down in her seat
Sat my hands upon the handlebars, felt the ground beneath my feet
Gave the throttle just another tweak, I already loved that sound
The note heard in my garage was the most perfect one around

So I took her for a friendly blat, through the Galston Gorge
Me and my F6 Honda, a friendship we did forge
Though I had to put some baffles on, she was a bit too loud
But when I burn off those Hardleys, I am so very proud

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