Friday, 9 May 2014

May 9: Just another lie ...

The government tells us we don’t have any money
Tighten up your belts they say, this crisis is not funny
We need to have a levy, we won’t call it a tax
But near all of you will have to pay, before we can relax

When we said no new taxes, that wasn’t a core promise
Well, it was and it wasn’t, but it snuck right up upon us
Of course we’re blaming Labor, they spent more than we could do
But this won't hurt the government, as much as it hurts you

We really need more money, to keep our perks in place
When we said we need to reduce costs, we didn’t mean our space
It’s you, the general public, who need to tighten up your belts
Because before I was a pollie, I knew just how you felt

But now I’m more important, now I make the rules
You can say whatever, but we are not the fools
We just blame the other party, as they do when they're in
And you guys are the losers, 'cause the pollies always win

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