Friday, 16 May 2014

May 16: My trial is nearly over ...

Tomorrow we begin again, the accused is in the box
Lies fall from lips as he plays the sly young fox
Blame is placed on someone else, the man still on the run
Who’s exercised his silence, if you’ll excuse the pun

“He had a bloody great machete; he was going to slice me through
Then I stabbed him because he hit me, what else could I do
The machete it remained untouched, safe within the car
So I stabbed him more than twenty times, I guess he has a scar”

His story has some problems, he’s not thought about his script
He says he stabbed him in the leg but his jeans they were not ripped
And instead of making haste he hung around to stab some more
The machete safely in the car, behind the driver’s door

Self defence it is an issue, he’s raised it good and proper
But he could not straight in bed; every second answer is a whopper
He could have run, he could have fled, but he stayed to wield the knife
His story uncorroborated, now he is in strife

A verdict early Wednesday, that is my prediction
It shouldn't take them very long, to respond with a conviction
Twenty five long years in jail is the maximum to be imposed
And then we can tick the box, another robbery matter closed

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