Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May 7: Fox 3 v Chooks 0

Today is not a happy day, all our chooks have gone away
When I went to feed them corn, two were dead and one was gone
It seems as if a fox has hit, it really makes me feel like shit
For near two years they have been roaming, is their death some kind of omen
It really buggered up my day, to see them in the dirt that way

They lay there looking, well, so dead, they always ran out to be fed
But not today, and never again, will I see our chooks there in that pen
Abigail, Pearl and Luella, you brought a smile to this here fella
As I threw you greens and seed to eat, you scratched around there at my feet
They say that chooks can die of fright; well I hope they did before the bight

Nature is cruel, the strong survive, but I’d really prefer our chooks alive
But the fox he is a hunter too, so we will do what we must do
To provide a bit more protection, so our new chooks are not his next selection
For his next meal in our backyard, we will move on, but gee it’s hard

1 comment:

  1. RIP Abi,Pearl & Lue! gone to the big Free-range in the sky!