Thursday, 1 May 2014

May 1: ICAC to the tune of "We didnt start the fire" - Apologies to Billy Joel ..

Joe Tripodi, Tony Kelly, Eightbyfive is very smelly
Darren Webber, who is he, part of the boy’s club
Aus-tralian Water Holdings, that nice red was Barry’s folding
Eddie, Moses, Eddie Junior, as crooked as they come

Marie Ficarra, Morris Iemma, Parliament has a dilemma
Michael Costa, Kerry Schott, they did not get caught out
Nor did Kris Kineally, Nathan Rees, but Chris Spence was on his knees
Tim Koelma, Chris Hartcher, their reputations in grave doubt

Geoff Watson’s asking questions, he’s got all the answers for this bunch of prancers
Megan’s giving directions, as she sits to determine the fate of vermin

Nick Di Girolamo, Ray Carter had to go
Matthew Lusted soon got busted, how he does not know
Michael Gallacher lost his job, his credit now not worth two-bob
Darren Williams, Jodi McKay, Tinkler didn't show

John Grayson, Sinodinos, their reputations gone to the cleaners
Bill Heffernan he got roped in, Campbell Newman came along
The NSW ALP, are mighty unclean we all can see
Roozendaal, de Aboltiz, John Rippon sang a song

This could go on forever, is there one among you who is not a “me too”
ICAC is oh so clever, their investigations are corruption haters

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