Saturday, 5 April 2014

April 5: Is the day an hour shorter ...

Daylight savings ends tomorrow, the sun will go away
The cows will give their milk again, and the curtains will not fade
I’ll go to work in daylight, and come home in the dark
The day an hour shorter, no more footy in the park

I loved the days when I got home, I’d get to mow the lawn
Then clean out the chook shed, and toss them each some corn
A quiet beer on the front verandah, watching the red sun set
On Monday night when I get home, it will be dark I bet

In six more months we’ll get it back, and the sun will shine for longer
At least that’s the view in Queensland, where their hate for it is stronger
Their cows won’t milk, their curtains fade, their days turn upside down
I just look at them in wonder, dressed in in their dressing gowns

There are twenty four hours in a day, it’s been like that for a while
How the sun might shine an hour longer is a fact I can’t compile
I wonder what they’d think up north if we moved the year a day
Perhaps their church would all fall down, and Christmas go away

Would Easter simply not exist, would Boxing Day be gone
How would it work on the border, would each weekend be long
I don’t know what their problem is, it seems quite sensible to me
But then I don’t live in Queensland, I live down here with Ree

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