Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April 29: The sun disappeared ...

A partial eclipse, we both saw it last night
The sun it was obscured, there was a dimming of light
Then the sun came back and the sky again was bright
And we didn’t look up so we still have our sight

“How did it happen?” the little one said
“How can I see it if I can’t turn my head?”
“Why doesn’t the moon just burn up instead?”
So many questions, they filled me with dread

“Well little one, what happened today
Was the sun moved around, and the moon got in its way
And it blocked out a bit before the sun moved away”
And the sky it was bright for the rest of the day

“I think understand”, the little one did reply
“So many things happen up there in the sky
As the sun and the moon they slowly pass by
But the never crash, if they did would we die?”

Her question it stumped me, the answer unknown
So I logged into Google on my trusty iPhone
The search terms I entered, and the answer was shown
“Little one you breathe easy, we're safe here it’s known”

She gave me a smile that would melt a man’s heart
As I turned on my heel and I went to depart
“Grandad she said, you are so very smart”
“Tell that to your Grandma”, I quietly remarked

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