Friday, 25 April 2014

April 25: Anzac Day ...

April twenty-five, for those of us alive, is the day we pay our tributes to the dead
For our heroes in the fight, about whom I now do write, on this day they faced suffering and dread
Their plans they went awry, they met death from way up high, but their sacrifice and courage never flinched
They met their fate with pure conviction, but suffered the infliction of a beating that’s not been seen before or since

All over this great land, we pay tribute to the stand our men and boys made so far away
Husbands, sons and brothers, and so very many others, marched up from the beaches to the fray
At Gallipoli and in France, so many took a stance, and we reflect upon the bravery they displayed
And in conflict much more recent, we’ve lost men and women decent, but the battles they continue to this day

We continue to recall, the sacrifice of those who took the fall, but for those who returned we also pray
Injured in body and in mind, their lives were left behind, in a place they’d never heard of ‘til that day
Every year we meet at dawn to think of lives foregone, in memory of the bravery and pain
Next year a hundred years, we’ll be holding back the tears, as we remember all our heroes once again

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