Monday, 14 April 2014

April 14: Cough, splutter, sniff ...

I’m reaching my limit, I’m going to go off
If just one more person sits behind me and coughs
I get on the train and take up my seat
Coughing and wheezing, their germs they excrete

Would you please just stop sniffing, do you not own a tissue
It may not bother you but I’ll soon make it an issue
And will you cover your mouth if you really must sneeze
Do you know how much filth is contained in that breeze

Please go to the chemist and purchase some drugs
That will give you a hand to get rid of those bugs
Or you could stay at home and save us all from your ills
I really don’t fancy another fortnight on pills

What is it with people who must get on my train
Do they not see that their germs are causing me pain
I’m sick of their antics, if you'll forgive my pun
But getting the flu is not my idea of fun

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