Thursday, 3 April 2014

April 3: Fark, it's an Ark ...

We went out to the movies, and watched Noah build an ark
With bunch of rocky monsters, before the sky turned really dark
Trees that sprang up in a flash from a very special seed
Noah built a floating zoo, created everything they’d need

The water came out of the ground and flooded the whole world
He built his ship and set it sail, but no Ensign he unfurled
A stateless ship without a port, it was a sight to see
The God botherers they got all upset, but it didn’t seem real to me

Fiction and science fiction and some fantasy all thrown in
Plenty of killing going on, apparently nothing was a sin
Sex outside of marriage, children borne just to be killed
Russell’s a pretty good actor, but as a chippie he’s over skilled

But his hard heart it did soften, and he couldn't drop the knife
When his whole family turned against him, especially his wife
Which really was a tragedy, ‘cause he had a close-knit clan
But when he turned his water into wine, he forgot the whole game plan

But the ark it came a cropper when it pulled up on a rock
A story with some great effects, but for accuracy, a crock
It’s only entertainment, not a Bible study class
So if it’s Genesis you're looking for, I think you’d better pass

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