Sunday, 27 April 2014

April 27: Phryne Fisher's day out ...

At Parramatta’s Parliament House, we saw a display so very grouse
Phryne Fisher’s 1920’s costumes on display
The sassy investigator, who’s an effective interrogator
She solves a weekly murder putting criminals away

So many fantastic dresses, each one cleverly expresses
Phryne’s femininity that so many men desire
Lovers she’s had a few, but not anyone will do
But Detective Robinson really lights her fire

As she moves around her city, looking sexy and so pretty
Phryne mingles with types of ill repute
But she manages to fill the space, with ease and with grace
As she brings and end to every dispute

I took some shots so you could see, as if you were there with me
The range of costumes Phryne wore
Such magnificent display, of clothes you won’t see every day
And things you just can’t purchase any more

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