Monday, 28 April 2014

April 28: My ride is in peril ...

We were all primed up for a ride way out west, to a place upon the Murray called Echuca
I was busting for a ride upon my joy and pride, shooting through the bends like a bazooka
But alas I’m stuck in Court, my best efforts came to naught, to get this case dusted by midweek
Four times longer than expected, my pleas for speed rejected, to get it done by Friday I did seek

So Friday we’ll depart, and Roxy will stay parked, and the BatCab will provide our transportation
But if I’m still in court on Monday, we’ll be heading home on Sunday, and I won’t be very happy with my station
This need to earn more money, is not very bloody funny, it’s getting in the way of all my pleasures
If I can’t get on my bike, and do the other things I like, I will have to take some very drastic measures

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