Monday, 21 April 2014

April 21: There's a flying fox in our back room ...

There’s a flying fox in our back room
Hanging on a dryer
Got monstered by a powerful Owl
That was a better flyer

It grabbed it with its talons
And took it from the sky
Ripped holes in its fragile wings
Then left it there to die

A member of the public
Called the wildlife phone
And a rescuer was dispatched
To bring the bat back home

It a very short few hours
The bat it comes to learn
That the hand it feels is helping
And it should have no concern

After weeks in rehabilitation
Many are set free
But some they will get euthanised
And freedom never see

But time goes on and injuries heal
Their health returns to good
And those who live they are released
To go back where they should

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