Thursday, 10 April 2014

April 10: My maiden century ...

I’ve batted at one hundred, I’ve knocked up my maiden ton
It has been quite a challenge, but it's been terrific fun
Rhythmic gymnastics daily, a crash course with a thesaurus
As I look for words that might just rhyme with florescent stegosaurus

Today's the tenth of April, and I am one hundred not
Sometimes my rhymes bring a tear, sometimes a grin from you I got
My themes they are eclectic, my topics are diverse
It's simply quite amazing what you can work into a verse

But still I feel quite daunted, there's a very long way to go
Not even a third of my task is done, but this challenge I won't throw
I am still so determined to bat on to three six five
Cause you folks of my talents I could not knowingly deprive

Of course you'll sense I'm joking, some of my writing it is just rubbish
When the content and the tempo take a form that is so sluggish
But I’ll keep on making rhythm, and I'll keep on on writing rhyme
And from the the syncopation, you will know these rhymes are mine

And so I thank you all for reading, for making my this worthwhile
Sometimes I sense confusion, but from your feedback crack a smile
And this exercise in writing keeps me alert and on the ball
Even if sometimes I struggle, and my imagination stalls

Because some days there is just nothing, so I reach out for the paper
I can always find an idiot who’s engaged in some stupid caper
Or perhaps a politition who's corrupt or just a fool
The simple power of poetry as a weapon is a fine tool

So I look towards tomorrow, for rhyme number one-oh-one
And I set my mind to auto, and gear up for the next pun
Then when I reach two hundred I’ll remind you all again
That my goal is getting nearer, New Year's Eve will be the end

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