Friday, 11 April 2014

April 11: The Pennant Hills Road carpark

I’m making my way down Pennant Hills Road, watching my life disappear
There are seventy-four B-double trucks, all chugging along in third gear
Three lanes of traffic crawling along, is this the busiest road in the state
Four wheel drives that have never seen dirt, and drivers who don’t indicate

The rain it is pouring as we wait for the lights, I’m lucky, I don’t have to drive
I couldn't do this every day of my life, I really just could not survive
Every ten yards we stop for a bit, then we wait at the lights for a while
I can’t see much ahead but I’ll bet you a beer, it’s like this mile after mile

I wonder sometimes at the skill of some folk, well, skill’s probably not the right word
Did that bloke turn up for his driving exam, does he know I think he’s a turd
Cutting across he does not indicate, I don’t think that he even looked
Cuts two lanes to advance one car in the line, I’d pay money to see him get booked

The Pennant Hills car park it is almost full, it’s an hour since we left our abode
And there’s a sign up ahead telling us all, there’s an accident just up the road
We’re so nearly there I can feel the relief, a few more minutes we’ll be free of this pain
But wait, there’s a prang in the very next lane, shit, it’s starting all over again

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