Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 13: Two times a smuggler ...

Tomorrow we should get a start, but the Judge has ripped my case apart
The accused knows his way here by heart, but I cannot tell the jury
He came here just two years ago, ninety passengers he did have in tow
He pleaded guilty and to jail did go, you cannot imagine my flat fury

Too prejudicial the Judge did say, they will convict if that way you play
You need to find another way, to prove he knew where he was going
Two different stories he has told, to different people before he was paroled
Of how the came here in the cold, and destination he was knowing

I think the Judge has got it wrong, I am not happy but I go along
Locked in jail he does belong, ‘cause it’s twice he’s been a smuggler
But I am not worried, our case is strong, he’ll be in a cell before too long
Even though it will prolong, of the facts I am a juggler

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