Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April 30: Three days in a leaky boat ...

As I sit here at the table, where we joust with fact and fable
My opponent makes his case out to the jury
As I listen to his words, I’m filled with dread and I’m disturbed
At times my emotions turn to fury

He’s been to this land before; he’s a mercenary whore
He came here just two short years ago
He was a crewman on a boat, paid to keep the thing afloat
Until an island called Australia it did show

But he says that he was tricked, when on the boat he skipped
Says he was drunk and he was tired at the time
So he went to sleep for hours, and did not exercise his powers
As he engaged in all those things that made the crime

He says he started in Jakarta, and went drinking with a partner
And in the very early hours he went onboard
The boat that reached Australia, but his voyage was a failure
When apprehended by the Navy he was floored

The accused says he was surprised, when he opened up his eyes
And found himself at sea, no land in sight
Surrounded by the refugees in the dark and threatening seas
He tells you that he was in a state of fright

I say you should reject it, and your mind not be deflected
By the lies that just have fallen from his mouth
He wants his freedom to maintain, and to him this is a game
As he navigated truly to the south

Do not be deceived, this man should not be believed
His story is a fiction in full flight
He got paid a heap of money; would have made his life so
But instead he should be in the cells tonight

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