Thursday, 24 April 2014

April 24: Yep, another people smuggler ...

I marched myself into the court, full of drive and purpose
My single most important task, send his evidence to the circus
My cross-examination is precisely planned, setting up the trap
Into which he soon would fall, 'cause his answers are just crap

I’d waded through his interview, my size nines tied so tight
Not every answer was a lie, but he’d need a clever fight
So many contradictions, my head is numbed with anticipation
Forget him for a moment, just watch this annihilation

His evidence it will crumble, his story I'll demolish
With questions of precision, wordsmithing with extra polish
Don’t take me on you liar, you’ll finish in second place
And your lies and bullshit story, I’ll throw back in your face

So then, Mr. Liar Pants, you say you were deceived
By some bloke who told just you, that he wanted you to leave
Your little town on the coast, ocean fishing with him braving
By the time that you leave that witness box, it’s fishing you’ll be craving

You say he didn’t tell you that you’d be moving these poor folk
Down to our southern isle, gee you must have had a stroke
When truth it was revealed to you, that you were one of the two
Who manned the boat, and steered it south, both members of the crew

He got you drunk, that’s what you say, is that still your pretence 
Give me a break, is that the best you’ve got, it’s a pretty poor defence
You said he’d pay three million rupiah, for two days simple work
Look to your right, the jury box, do you think they look like jerks

He flew you to Jakarta, a place for you to fish
Another two years wages gone, that can’t have been his wish
Do you have some strange ability, do you call and fish they come
Is that just why he wanted you, are you fishing's number one

I think you’re telling porkies, actually I’ll go one more than that
I think you are a liar, I’ll give it to you flat
You came here two short years ago, crewed other's to Australia
You thought you had your facts all straight, but your story was a failure

Our Navy got you once again, so you told them a false name
Said that you were someone else, but they saw right through that game
Mandatory sentencing, it’s five years inside for you
Dry your eyes princess, you had options you could choose

It comes as no surprise to me, that you did it for the money
You might reasonably have expected, that your life would be sunny
Three million rupiah, that might set you up for life
You’d never have to fish again, buy a boat and get a wife

Clearly mate you did not learn, when given your first caution
That if you come this way again, prison food you’d get a portion
We didn’t prosecute you last time, but you tested our resolve
Five years jail should make the point, our problem it is solved

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