Saturday, 26 April 2014

April 26: Off to the pub for dinner ...

We’re off to the pub for a beer and some grub
And to watch the footy on the tele
I’m thinking right now just how lucky we are
That we can put food in our belly

While I wait for the bride, I watch the news on TV
Murder, stabbings, people drowning
All over the state there’s bad news to be heard
No wonder the new reader is frowning

But we’re both back at home, dinner was great
Though I waited in line for an hour
To order our meal so we’d have what we wanted
We sat right next to a bridal shower

We called it a night after dessert
The crème brule was the best
The schooners were crisp, the red wine was a treat
The Blue Gum has just passed the test

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