Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April 23: A right Royal burden ...

The Royals arrived on our shores for a tour
Stayed for a week, maybe two, maybe more
They jetted around and took in the sights
Long busy days, gala dinners each night

Must make conversation sixteen hours a day
Because somebody somewhere has something to say
Engaging in dialogue with all manner of people
At a pre-school, a hospital, or a church with a steeple

Sounds bloody awful if the truth must be known
He can’t duck down the pub, or Twitter his phone
When he goes to the footy, can’t drink too many beers
He leaves that to Harry, whose nights oft end in tears

The lot of a Prince is not a path easy trod
Followed around by a bodyguard squad
Everywhere William turns there is somebody there
And little Prince George is stuck in day care

Being second in line to be King must be tough
Rich, famous and handsome, is it really enough
But he made a good choice in who he picked for a mate
A bloody good-looking bombshell named Kate

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