Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April 1: Did you get took?

Another month it does begin, as I continue on my task
Of writing rhyming rhymes each day, can he do it you do ask
I’m giving it my bestest shot, though some times it is quite tough
When I look down at my list of jobs, geeze, don’t I have enough

But there are things that must be writ about, and things that must be said
But sometimes there is just nothing worth repeating from my head
Writing poetry should be challenging, but most it should be fun
On some days I just look at it as a chore that must be done

Days like today, they have a theme, somewhere to aim the pen
I write a line then scrub it out, then write it down again
I pick up the daily paper, and look for inspiration
I’d really like to get this done before we stop at Central Station

We all do know that on this day, some jokes they will be played
That Easter Bunny might call again, or stupid promises be made
The world will end, the dollar has jumped, the price of beer has fallen
So you must be on the lookout for the trickster who is calling

Be on your guard for April’s Fools, who will try to pull your leg
Without outrageous claims of heroic deeds, like a hat that has no peg
“I head the news, Elvis is not dead, I saw him at the pub”
Yeah, sure I say, after forty beers, and thirty at the club

Be aware, that is my warning, at least all day til noon
When the April Fool goes back to sleep, and really none to soon
If you get took, just smile and laugh, and take it as you go
Me, I’m hunting Easter Eggs, full of gold, he told me so

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