Sunday, 6 April 2014

April 6: A sad day for rugby league ...

Poor Alex McKinnon was at the beginning of a football career with the Knights
They were playing the Storm, not in their best form, but their football was sure to excite
He got hit in a tackle that got everyone’s hackle, as Jason McLean he lifted his leg
As Alex went to the deck, felt a crack in his neck and he watched his short life pass him by

There’s no winners in this, it’s a tragic abyss, It's an outcome no-one could see
No malice intended, but a career quickly ended, nobody knew how bad it could be
But we hear he is strong, and hope it won’t take too long, until we see hope in his eyes
For a long road he does face to return to his place, to this  challenge we know he can rise

There’s been plenty of talk of whether he’ll walk, and talk of attribution of blame
We should not be too keen, to find blame on the scene, for something we see every game
Yes he did drop his head, but he was helpless they said, he did what he did to protect
The position he was in, and the outlook was grim, but this, we did not expect

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