Tuesday, 15 April 2014

April 15: This awful autumn weather ...

It’s wet, it’s cold, it’s horrible, another awful autumn day
I wish the rain would disappear and the sunshine make its way
Into the sky and shine on me, as my life I transit through
The constant saturation does not help me do what I must do

Umbrella’s up, but my mood is down, as I go to be the Crown
In my wig and my jabot, the rain falls on my gown
Is there not a tunnel here that I can use to make my way
So this bloody awful autumn weather does not completely screw my day

First it stops and then it starts, and then it rains some more
My wig’s a mess, I’m sure it smells like a soggy Labrador
I wander off to Court 2.4 ready for another session
Of fiery cross-examination, where I’ll teach this crook a lesson

I end my day, I’m on a high, but can I get back to my room
Without fear of being washed away, the sky is a painted gloom
Tomorrow is another day, perhaps I should build an ark
Or perhaps just wear my wellies, and go water skiing in the park

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