Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April 22: I only had a few ... honest ...

Young Brett Stewart he had a few beers, well perhaps a few more than a few
At ten the next day he blew in the bag, and was over by point zero two
“I had a few drinks with my mates at the Steyne, on Sunday, after the game
An error of judgment for which I’m contrite, but I know that I am to blame"

Personally, I think he’s playing it down, understating the rate of his drinking
“I had a few drinks” is not quite the truth, we are but fools he is thinking
You don’t wake up stonkered after five or six, I reckon he emptied many more
When he woke he’d have known he went to bed late, when he opened his car door

Don’t treat us like fools Mr. Stewart, please don’t, we’ve felt how you felt yesterday
You took a gamble and went out in your car, you got caught and now you must pay
Don’t tell us lies just to cover your tracks, you went on a bender we know
If you had a few drinks, and then went to bed, you would blown pretty close to zero

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