Thursday, 17 April 2014

April 17: Home, home on the Grange ...

In two thousand and eleven, they floated to the top
When at the state election, they gave the Labor mob the chop
Baz became the premier, a job he said he'd never take
But the offer of the boss’s office, was the icing on the cake

To celebrate, his mate Nick, he bought him some fine wine
Spent a bloody motza on some Grange from fifty-nine
Said he left it on the balcony, what the heck was he thinking
Three thousand bucks left at the door, had the man been drinking

Flash forward three years later, and ICACs on the hunt
For dishonest public figures to whom they can give the punt
Why did Nick retain a thank you card, from a day so long ago
Was it so that he could later use it in a political puppet show

Think of this and pause a bit, does it really make much sense
That Nick bought a very private gift at the company’s expense
And filed away the thank you note that Barry wrote soon after
Nick’s got a solid reputation as a gangster and a grafter

Did he keep it just to use it to bring his mate some grief
When Baz could not remember in his evidence in chief
The Premier he just told the truth, but the note did not revive
His memory of sipping Grange, and sadly, Baz did not survive

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