Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April 2: Honest Eddie ...

My name is Honest Eddie, the king of Sydney Water Holdings
They wouldn't let me keep the mines, my portfolio is folding
I’ve got fingers in so many pies I could use a few more hands
But every time I try to make a buck they want to get me banned

I’ve got two boys who help me out with the magic that I weave
I’ve got a flash house out in Lebanon that I’ll live in when I leave
Assuming that I won’t get done, and spend my later years in jail
Don’t try to prosecute me, all your charges they will fail

I bought some land in New South Wales; I did so fair and square
But I got some inside knowledge, there were coal seams under there
I bought it for a pittance, got some cash from my good mates
And I’ll lease it back to the Government at Eddie’s best mate’s rates

Eddie Junior is my eldest boy, and Moses number two
He bought a chunk of Holdings, which got him in the poo
He forgot it cost three million bucks, what a silly little lad
He really should have tried to recall, so much could go so bad

Now I’ve got a mate called Arthur, who’s in tad of trouble
Running Sydney Water put him deep into a puddle
Not the kind he hoped for when he became a paid Director
In the witness box at ICAC he’s the human lie detector

What do we have in common, my family and pollie friends
Every single thing we do is a means towards and end
Our end, to fund a lifestyle with so much cash it isn’t funny
And the best thing about it is we’ve done it with your money

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