Friday, 25 July 2014

July 25: Bad things happen when good people sit in silence ...

Bad things happen when good people sit in silence
When nobody willing steps up to the plate
And those of us who think that peace is found in violence
Do not take the time to think about their fate

When those who know wrong from right just sit and take no action
Intimidated by those who want to harm and kill
When the weak who follow blindly, fall in with that faction
And then harm and killing becomes their only thrill

When nothing is ever done about bullying and fighting
If no-one meets the bully at the door
Then more violence results, fear and terror soon igniting
And the good in us is left to mop the floor

It takes courage and conviction to enforce right before the haters
To stand up strong and not be taunted by their threats
And what history records, will not be of the demonstrators
But those who stood unmoved despite the debts

Will they ever stop to think of the consequences of their decisions
Do they ever sit and contemplate their loss
Do they wake up in the night and think of the absolute derision
Have they the first idea of the line that they have crossed

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