Sunday, 13 July 2014

July 13: A piss poor effort by the Blues ...

I was watching the tele, just last night
I switched over to the footy, we were doing all right
It was half-time, and we were only seven points behind
Could we really, really beat the Swans, was going through my mind

I should have switched the channel, gone back to the ABC
Or Rockwiz, or something, would have been much easier for me
But no, I persevered, and left the remote lying on the table
Fingers crossed this footy match might end in a nice fable

Then when I was at the fridge, replenishing my beer
Buddy Franklin got the ball, and with a grin from ear to ear
He kicked one goal, then two, then three, four and five
My beer was flat, my dream was dead, could the Blues revive

It was not to be, as I could see, Buddy kicked one more
I drank my beer, crushed the can, then threw it at the door
What the hell was going on, where was the other team
Red and white were everywhere, but blue could not be seen

You blokes need to take a hard look at your dedication
Watching you not turn up was a source of sheer frustration
I’m a Raiders fan so it’s bad enough, can one of my teams do well
I am really, really pissed off now, but I guess you all can tell

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