Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July 23: My ode to Paul Kelly ...

I’m watching Paul Kelly, he’s singing on the tele
I would die to write songs just like him
His lyrics and tunes don’t come from silvery spoons
And his music branches out on a limb

His music's his story of life, of hardship and love
The moods of his tales is like two hands in one glove
They all fit so perfect, his words are simply so fine
And I wish that his efforts were something like mine

So many great hits, he’s just a legend you know
And from little things, big things he makes grow
And how can a clock on a silo show eleven degrees
His words are a story to him, that no-one else sees

And while I work at this keyboard, I’m in awe of this man
Who quite out of nowhere, became the star of this land
We want he pens songs forever, and that his music won’t die
His deeper water it moves me, and most times I cry

One day he will stop writing, and our loss it will be
Australia’s rock poet, it’s apparent to me
So thank you Paul Kelly, for giving us what you own
And where am I going next, I’ll be going alone

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