Sunday, 6 July 2014

July 6: So I wrote to the Council ...

I wrote one to my Council, yep, I’ve got a bitch
I just need to scratch, the place where I got an itch
I live down a back lane, that runs up to the street
But when I ride or drive up there, I can’t see a peep

I ride up a small rise, and when I get to the top
There’s cars parked on my right, it’s my view that they stop
I have to nose out so I can see what approaches
But when I do that, into their path Roxy encroaches

My front end sticks out like Dolly’s best parts
To the driver’s who approach, the abuse it soon starts
As I come from no-where for a quick Captain Cook
To see if it’s safe to go out, a quick peek I took
What else can I do, to avoid the collision
I have to inch slowly out, just to better my vision
By the time I see clearly, I’m almost all the way out
I'm so badly exposed, drivers' whine and then shout

So I wrote to the Council, I was all of a stutter
I asked them to curb, those who park in the gutter
Their response was expected, clearly too hard a task
“If we make the streets wide, then they’ll all drive too fast”

Oh, I get your logic, but so many would not
For safety's sake they can park, best comeback you got
I’m going to take photos to record the impasse
And if I have a prang, I’ll be suing their arse

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