Thursday, 24 July 2014

July 24: Malaysia Airlines, deja vu all over again ...

On a cloudy afternoon in a place so far away
An aeroplane slips smoothly across the sky
But for those inside it's just another day
Not knowing that in just moments they will die

A rocket launcher aims and fires, its deadly package flying
Directed at a target that’s not a threat
The end result a tragedy, three hundred people dying
It’s something that the world will not forget

So cruel, so harsh, so senseless, caught in someone else’s war
All those innocents just taken, I ask you all, what for
There is nought to be won by killing, have we not learned that by now
As I sit in loss and condemnation, there’s a furrow in my brow

And regret it as I do so much, there is more to this sad tale
As villains loot with impunity from the site
Separatists they call them, for humanity a fail
As the sun goes down and they go back to the night

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