Sunday, 20 July 2014

July 20: My Harley's just for show ...

I bought myself a motorbike, a HOG I thinks it was
I don’t know why I bought it, well perhaps … well just because
Because people they all stare at me, as I roll past them on the road
And my HOG it makes so much noise, they think she might explode

I got myself some leathers, they're hot and heavy but look okay
And I found a cutoff jean-jacket, that had seen a better day
My girl she sewed on patches, see I’m a rebel through and through
And I love it when you stare at me, but I don’t know why you do

Is it because I look like Brandon, as my Harley powers by
With my denim jeans and shining chrome, reflecting the blue sky
Or is it because the noise attracts them, as slowly past I go
Inside I am just gleaming, cause my Harley’s out on show

I set out for a long day ride, the wind blowing through my hair
Well that’s what would be happening, if my helmet wasn’t there
My face gets stung by bugs and stones, but my helmet it looks so cool
And I cannot wear a full face lid, and risk looking like a fool

I got pulled up on the freeway, the Highway Patrol had a good laugh
When after I got my ticket, my HOG she would not start
I had to call my sister, to come and get me and my ride
It really was so embarrassing, and I was cringing deep inside

Then I had to get insurance, but I could not afford to pay
So I only ride my Harley for an hour each Saturday
It really is depressing, there's so many places I can’t go
But it’s just the sad reality, my Harley’s just for show

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