Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July 8: Nine on the top ...

On May 16 I wrote a rhyme about a violent man
Who we knew, would surely do more time in the can
Stabbed his mate right in the back, and then cried foul you see
Crying, “I had to protect myself, he was trying to kill me”

"Bollocks mate" is what I said, as I crossed him in the box
“You’ve told so many bloody lies, they’re falling out your socks
You tricked him and you robbed him, and then when he fought back
A knife you pulled from your own coat, you went on the attack”

Today we did his sentence, in Darlinghurst Courtroom four
They brought him in from the Bay, but he’ll be back in there for sure
His lawyer made submissions, “My client was just defending”
He worked his jawbone near to death, excuses never ending

When my turn came, I left my seat, with purpose in my words
“That litany of excuses. Some were quite absurd
No remorse and no contrition, he doesn’t give a stuff
They planned that gig, to rob that bloke, they thought they were so tough"

I said some stuff about his history, he’s been to jail before
His conduct it is escalating, and he’ll be back for more
The bloke he stabbed he nearly died, he stabbed him twenty times
The jury flicked his version, and got him for his crimes

The judge he left to think a bit, said “I’ll be back at two”
Fish and chips and a beer for lunch, that’s what I did do
Wandered back at five to two, back in my robes I got
The judge came back at twenty past, this bloke he was going to pot

"I find as fact you stabbed him, that you brought a knife with you
A planned activity in company, there’s no doubt that you knew
You knew he had some money, and you took it from his person
Your lies might work on someone with the brain of Elle MacPherson"

"I’ll send you down, back to jail, but I’ll take some off coz you’re young
And rehabilitation while a long shot, is a song that must be sung
So here it is, you’ll do six years, then three years on parole"
For the heinous crime you committed, I hope it’s eating at your soul

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