Saturday, 5 July 2014

July 5: On the cover of Penthouse ...

It was in March twenty years ago, or was it twenty three
I was coming down the gangway, giving orders, can’t you see
The bloke there on the wharf was quick, but he could not be seen
He snapped me walking down the brow, for Penthouse magazine

I’ve kept that photo all my life, it is my only claim to fame
And if you doubt my rugged looks, I’ll tell you once again
How I got my very ugly mug on a fake men’s magazine
I don’t care that it’s not real, I was so young and so pristine

The years have passed, the beard is grey, that uniform is gone
Swapped for a bigger version, but I’ll try not to prattle on
I loved those days, I had a ball, I was trim, taut and terrific
There were no wars, when we sailed around the islands of the Pacific

The times have changed, the years have passed, I’m wiser and I’m older
That photograph, I was so cool, I had the eye of the beholder
I loved the times I had at sea, but it was a young man’s game
And while there’s lots of things I’d do again, some would not be the same

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